empressmaude replied to your post “Hi can we be friends? The only question that is on my mind right now is if loki or thor would look best in leather pants it has been on my mind for days now I just feel torn because loki has the super-long legs but thor has the glorious thunderthighs. What do you think? Also how is the porn deciphering going?”

why would you apologise for that I don’t understand. also I think you’re right about Thor, particularly when I think about what he’d look like with leather pants+shirtless. ah, poor loki, he can’t win at anything can he.

Well, I’d say getting fucked by Thor in leather pants is a pretty big win ;)

"Five months of peace is just what I want." - The Shining (1980)

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It becomes easier to sympathize with Loki when you read older Thor stories and see that half of Odin’s dialogue in them distinctly refers to Thor as his favorite son.

That is true that Odin is very vocal about Thor being the favourite son, but if you really look at the…


Dogs are the best!!!!!

This is Stella.She met Tom on the streets and had to have a pic;)

No,she didn’t go home with him.She already had a family


capsiicle asked tom hiddleston and chris hemsworth in a modern-day prince and the pauper au

You’re a prince. Oh my god, you’re a prince.
I wanted to tell you before, but I—Yeah. Yes. I’m a prince.
I’m dating a prince. The prince.
A prince.
Yes, but a prince who lives in a castle. A castle.
Well technically it’s a fortress, but, you know, semantics.

they’ve been seeing each other for a while now. tom is ridiculously happy. chris is, you know, dating a prince. and they’re at chris’ place, a little fucked out, and tom is leaving for some diplomatic work tomorrow, just for a few days, shake a few hands, smile a few smiles. it’s nothing super important. he seems edgy, though. chris cards his fingers through tom’s hair as they lie together. 

say it, chris says.


you wanna say something, he says.

i do, tom murmurs.

he doesn’t speak again for a long time, kissing slow kisses along chris’ arm, from his wrist along the soft skin up to his elbow, until they’re tangled up stupidly in each other.

in four days, tom says, his practised voice, when i get back, i’m going to ask you to marry me.

chris tugs his hair a little too hard.

i’m telling you now, tom carries on, because i fear the element of surprise wouldn’t work in my favour.

who the hell says no to a prince, chris manages.

someone sensible, tom smiles sadly. someone who’s lived a real life up ‘til now. please. use the time to consider everything this could mean.

chris kisses him, a wet, harsh kiss. he’s never treated tom like porcelain. if i could turn you down, he says, his voice softer than his words, you think we’d be in the shit we’re in now?

You’re nothing short of my everything.

- Ralph Block